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USBSecure Enterprise 5.0 - USB Port protection for your organization
PingTool 3.0
- Ping tool with TCP port check and Wake-On-Lan (WOL)
DeviceTool 1.1 - Fast remote Device Manager
PortCheck 2.1 - TCP port check command line tool for administrators and network admins
DisplayTool 2.1
- Tool for displaying text files and log files in real-time (Tail for Windows)

WakeOnLanTool 1.1 - Wake-On-Lan software for organizations

Enterprise 5.0

USBSecure Enterprise protects your USB interfaces from unwanted devices. You can configure which USB devices (and other devices) can be used by which users in whitelists. Worldwide, the software is already being used in more than 2,500 companies as USB security software. USBSecure Enterprise is characterized by very easy installation and very simple operation. There is an OT version available for industrial environments. Learn more... USBSecure EnterpriseUSBSecure Enterprise | USB Port Security Software

PingTool 3.0
PingTool is a powerful network utility for administrators and network admins. It's more than just the perfect ping tool: PingTool is also a Wake-on-Lan tool and is able to check the availability of TCP ports, scan the network and much more. Read more...

PingTool | PingTool for administrators and network admins

DeviceTool 1.1

DeviceTool is a Device Manager for administrators. DeviceTool can connect to computers in the network and enable / disable devices remotely. DeviceTool runs on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Read more... DeviceToolDeviceTool | Remote Device Manager

PortCheck 2.1

PortCheck is a small, portable TCP port check command line tool for administrators, network and firewall admins. You can check if a remote device answers on a certain TCP port. PortCheck is able to check multiple devices on multiple ports. The results are displayed continuously - similar to the ping command. Go to website... PortCheckPortCheck | TCP port check for Windows

DisplayTool 2.1

DisplayTool is the small, powerful helper for administrators and developers. Text files can be viewed in real time - changes are displayed immediately. Even remote files can be viewed over the network. If the remote computer is restarted, DisplayTool waits for connectivity and immediately displays the file again. Read more...

DisplayToolDisplayTool | Tail for Windows

WakeOnLanTool 1.1

WakeOnLanTool is an easy-to-use Wake-on-Lan software for organizations. WakeOnLanTool can wake up devices on the network and is specifically designed to allow standard corporate users to wake up their PC. Read more...

| Wake-on-Lan software for organizations